A Poker Freak’s Guide to UK Poker Sites and Bonuses

Take Advantage of Online Poker Bonus in the UK

Being able to get free poker bonuses from online poker sites in the UK is a fact! There are a few different types of poker bonus in the UK that players can take advantage of with little to no risk. The reality is that the online poker industry in the UK is very competitive and online poker sites attract players to sign up by offering free poker promotions. These can include free virtual cash as a sign up bonus as well as free entries to poker tournaments .
Once a player signs up to a poker site, they can start reaping the benefits of poker bonuses. It is entirely possible to convert winnings from virtual chips into either free merchandise or real money in a bank account. Some online poker sites in the UK offer their players up to £1500 in bonuses.

Is it Legal to Play Online Poker in the UK?

Absolutely, yes! Online poker is completely legal in the UK. The UK is one of the online poker hubs of the world. Poker has been the most popular card game in the UK for many years. The only place that plays more online poker than the UK is the USA. Since poker is legal in the UK, it is heavily regulated to protect the interest of players. It is as secured as any other profession due to the strict licensing laws.

Free Virtual Cash as a Sign Up Bonus

Sign up bonuses are determined based on the amount a player initially deposits or how much their first wager is to give their starting amount a boost. This is most commonly credited to the player’s online poker account directly when a player has reached the minimum deposit amount. Sometimes, an online poker site will offer bonuses up to 200% of the initial deposit amount. Some sites may even allow players to earn top up bonuses as they play; this is when bonus cash is awarded according to how much a player tops up to their account or their wagers to give them an incentive to play well.

Free Entries to Poker Tournaments

For as long as online poker in the UK has been around, free entries have existed. It is a free entry ticket to an online poker tournament that offers real cash prizes or merchandise as a reward. This way, the player stands nothing to loose and makes the poker game free for the player.
Many UK online poker sites offer players that just signed up free entry to tournaments to give them a boost on their starting balance. Many professional players in the UK started off their online poker career with free tournaments that got them their starting capital, from which they established their regular income on online poker games.

Are these bonuses really free?

The free entry to tournaments is really free, but the deposit bonuses do require the player to put in a certain amount of money in the site in order to redeem to bonus.
The terms and conditions may differ from poker site to poker site; while some only offer bonuses and cash to players that just joined, others will offer the same types of bonuses to established players who have played a certain number of hands in a given time period.
To increase your chances of getting free poker bonuses , remember to pay extra attention to possible giveaways:

  • Poker bonuses may be distributed to viewers of major poker TV shows
  • Poker bonuses could be shown on certain poker listing sites
  • Poker promotions may also be advertised on the social media pages of famous poker personalities

Poker bonuses that have been given out over the media has amounted to millions of pounds worth of free virtual cash over the years.

How can I maximize my poker bonuses?

From a logical point of view, making as large an initial cash deposit as possible makes sense to be able to maximize the initial cash bonus. Some online poker sites give poker bonuses whenever a player reloads or tops up their account. While these reload bonuses will usually offer lower percentage rates than sign up bonuses, they can still help pad your account value.

Sounds good, but what’s the catch? Are there any terms to these bonuses?

Don’t worry; poker free rolls are usually pretty straightforward and easy to take advantage of. All you have to do is keep these few handy tips in mind:

    • The sign up bonuses are available for players that have registered for the first time on a site
    • Established players can be rewarded with free entry to tournaments by playing frequently (certain number of hands in a certain period of time)
    • Followers of social media events, contests, and fan pages of poker sites and famous poker celebrities may get free bonuses from time to time
    • Top up bonuses are offered to players who add money to their initial deposit amount later on in their poker career
    • Free entry to tournaments may recur on a daily, weekly or monthly in return for customer loyalty

Understand how poker bonuses work!

Deposit bonuses to match deposits at a certain rate are usually listed in percentage terms. For example, if an online poker site offers a sign up promotion of 100% bonus up to £500, the site’s cash system will know to match the initial deposit at 100% up to the 500th pound. In this particular case, new players will receive a £1 to £1 bonus , doubling the initial sign up deposit amount.

As always, remember to gamble responsibly. Only put as much deposit or reload value into your account as you are comfortable with. Keep poker a fun game for everyone who plays.